Welcome to the web pages of Affirming Catholicism (Ireland)

We are a network within the Church of Ireland (Anglican/Episcopal) and an autonomous part of the Affirming Catholicism movement in the Anglican Communion.

Affirming Catholicism aims to be a movement of hope and inspiration, seeking to bring together and strengthen those within the Anglican Church who recognise the positive, inclusive and joyful currents in the Catholic tradition of Christianity. It affirms in particular that the “full inclusion of lay and ordained people in Church government, and of both men and women in the threefold ministry, reinforces the Catholic integrity of our vision”.

Affirming Catholicism (Ireland) has the following objectives:

■ To proclaim the Christian Gospel in its fullness through word and sacrament
■ To maintain the apostolic orders of bishop, priest and deacon.
■ To proclaim the Church's teaching on the grace of the sacraments as being central to the Christian life.
■ To deepen Anglican spirituality through private and corporate prayer.
■ To facilitate and encourage biblical and theological studies.
■ To commit itself to the liturgy of the church and to make a positive contribution to its development and enrichment.
■ To bear witness to the social implications of the Christian Gospel.

In Affirming Catholicism (Ireland), we seek to pursue these objectives through our publications, Annual Theological Seminar, retreat and quiet days, pilgrimages and the building of a generous, affirming catholic Anglican witness in the Church of Ireland.

We rejoice in the riches of the Anglican tradition and are loyal and committed members of the Church of Ireland. All members of the Church of Ireland are warmly invited to attend ACI events.

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